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“Thank you for the inspirational book. Arfeen, your beliefs and ideas make it all the more revealing.”

Amitabh Bachchan
Actor, Superstar

“Arfeen Khan is a person of spirit, insight, leadership & talent comes along to lead a generation of people new, fresh and wholly inviting place for understanding & love.”

Anthony Robbins
World-Recognized Authority on the
Psychology of Leadership and Peak Performance

“Make success in all areas of your life, your natural way of being. Having done that, you will find that you will attract all that you have been struggling to achieve.. And more!”

- Arfeen Khan

Life is Simple....

If You Choose to see it that Way....

It is Arfeen’s mission to provide tools and strategies that everyone needs to transcend beyond their limiting beliefs and fears, accomplish their goals and realize their true potential.

Arfeen has Worked with over such as : Vodafone and ICICI Bank &
is booked for engagements months in advance.

Prime Areas of Expertise


"In one line I’d like to describe Arfeen’s book as a manual to life."

Hema Malini

Filmstar & Classical Danseuse

"Mr. Khan offers a fascinating window to your mind. People can see how to reshape their lives. He teaches you to fantasize and bring out the genius in you. He offers a blueprint on how to develop an independent point of view about tomorrow’s opportunities. Through positive thinking and willpower control he explains how most of the obstacles and barriers in life could be overcome. His action-oriented approach will benefit the faint-hearted to build capabilities and exploit opportunities."

Vijay Mansukhani

Executive Director, Onida Group

“Arfeen can and will change your life!”

Hrithik Roshan

Actor & Superstar

“Arfeen Khan is a friend, philosopher and guide whose easy conversational style leads you in the right direction, rekindling aspirations and, step by step, paving the surefire way to conquer them.”

Bhaskar Das

Executive President, The Times of India Group

“Now I can tell the world I have discovered the universe, which is inside me. Thank you dear Arfeen, you are simply fantastic.”

Ashutosh Rana

Actor and Film Star


The Transformational Mindsettm

As one of the most sought after Peak Performance strategists in the world, Arfeen uses his innovative & effective LIFE TRANSFORMATION STRATEGIES to generate radical & permanent results.

Using a proven self development curriculum, Arfeen guarantees an optimum increase in performance in all areas of life for participants who are committed to their own success.

Through his company, Peak Performance Seminars, Arfeen has broken new ground in the seminar industry by hosting high energy, interactive & experimental events.
Participants are allowed the freedom to tap into their higher self and unleash the full capacity for happiness in a safe and supportive environment.

Arfeen exceeds client expectations with his coaching, consulting and private speaking by addressing individual company needs and specific industry outcomes. The end result is an immediate improvement in staff morale and business operations.

You Can, You Will

It’s Your Choice....

He considers all people intrinsically the same, but what sets them apart and determines their future is the reach of their thoughts and ambition.

Arfeen is the author of three books :

The Secret Millionaire Blueprint

The Secret Millionaire Blueprint
Creating wealth using the law of attraction

If you want to know how your next 5 years will be like, financially, just look back at your previous 5 years, unless you use the Secret Millionaire Blueprint formula for just 7 days!

This book is so powerful - it will change your financial future even before you finish reading it!! Most people struggle in life, especially when it comes to money and finances. They keep looking for ways to become rich but inevitably fail. What people fail to realize is that everyone is equipped with a unique monetary blueprint which is responsible for financial success or failure.

You Can, You Will, It’s Your Choice

You Can, You Will, It’s Your Choice
A no nonsense approach to transforming your life

"You Can, You Will, It’s Your Choice” is essential roadmap to uncovering the wealth of potential that is hidden within you in the smirky waters of self - doubt, fear and societal conditioning.

Do you want to be rich and successful-commercially, emotionally, spiritually? Do you want to be happy? Do you want to strengthen your relationships? All this and more can be achieved by a simple altering of your perspective. You can have what you want. Choose emotional well-being, choose spiritual depth, choose commercial success..

Become Rich Now

Become Rich Now
With Network Marketing

If you are serious about changing your life and are determined to achieve true success in Network Marketing, you must read this book!

For the first time ever the biggest secrets of Network Marketing are revealed in this step by step system that could help you make millions. Arfeen Khan, the world’s pre-eminent expert on Network Marketing, reveals his secrets for massive wealth. He will share almost two decades of knowledge to take your Network Marketing business to the top.